Abolala Soudavar v. Federal Aviation Administration was filed—prior to 9/11—against the designation of Iranians as a suspect class by the FAA and the illegal and onerous search procedures that they were subjected to. It also pointed out, from the outset, to the incompetence of the intelligence agencies in dealing with the threats of the Taliban/Al-Qaeda monsters that they themselves had created, and their bizarre neglect of the Saudi threat.

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Abolala Soudavar v. The President of the United States of America was filed against sanctions that are in contravention of the still valid 1955 Treaty of Amity between the US and Iran.

Original Complaint, 1/31/2001 Exhibits, 1,  2,  34567,  8

Case summarily dismissed 9/27

Notice of appeal filed 12/6

Reply Brief  1/31/02

Reply Brief  4/11/02

Appeal Brief  2/14/02

US Reply Brief  4/8/02

Original Complaint, filed 1/31/2001,        Exhibits, 12

Denied  Oct. 9, 2002

Appeal Decision, 7/31/02

Petition for Rehearing , 7/11/02.             denied on  10/9/02

Denied 1/13/03

Denied 1/13/03

        In tandem, the two below-presented cases show the—present—lack of respect of the US judiciary  for the sanctity of the written word as the foundation of US laws, and the despicable state of apathy and incompetence that it has slid into

      As argued in my Petition for Certiorari of the FAA case, in Nuremberg, German judges were condemned to life-imprisonment for rendering the type of judgments that the US judiciary issues today.