This website provides access to the text of my articles, as well as to the text of legal documents presenting arguments for Iranians’ jurisdictional rights in the United States.


Text Box: Abolala Soudavar

پاره ای از نوشته ها

Text Box:

Art of the Persian Courts,

with a contribution by Milo C. Beach

Rizzoli, New York, 1992. 424 pages.


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The Aura of Kings: Legitimacy and Divine Sanction in Iranian Kingship 

Bibliotheca Iranica, Intellectual Traditions Series, #10, Mazda Publishers, Costa Mesa 2003.

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فرّۀ ایزدی

در آیین پادشاهی ایران باستان





Political Thoughts

افکار سیاسی

      In terms of books, below is a list of what I have published in different languages to date :                    


From Brotherhood Ideal to Religion's Adversary

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ابوالعلاء سودآور

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